Power Socket Installation Sydney

Power Socket Installation Sydney Power Sockets Installation Sydney

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Licensed Electricians to Replace and Install Faulty Power Socket

Do you need to replace a faulty power socket in your home? Or do you need to install additional power sockets for your newly renovated house? You can call us at DRS Electrical today to Power Socket Installation Sydney.

We have licensed electricians to install different types of power sockets. Generally, power sockets do not break down easily. However, when it does, you need to engage an electrician with the expertise and experience because electricity can be difficult when not handled properly.

Whether it is a new installation, repair, or replacement of power sockets, DRS Electrical Services can provide a reliable and comprehensive service. Our electricians are well-trained and customer-oriented, so you have nothing to worry about.

Power Outlet & Socket Installation Services

From your kitchen to your living room, finding the right number of sockets always depends on how often you use the space. It could be an issue especially when you do not have enough sockets to fit all your electronics and or not enough sockets installed in the proper area. We can help you with that. We offer power sockets installation locally and around Sydney.

Our experienced and professional electricians can install, service, check and upgrade all types of power points including:

  • Single, double, or quadruple power outlet
  • Air conditioning power points
  • Home entertainment combinations
  • Outdoor weatherproof power points

Our power outlet installation is more than about aesthetics but also about functionality. We install power sockets in a wide range of styles that complement any room. On top of that, we can customize the location for any appliance or electronic device that you have. Our electricians will minimize the damage to your walls too.

Dealing with Faulty Power Sockets

Faulty power sockets are unavoidable, and it can be a hassle, especially if you have a home appliance that needs to be plugged. Common problems are it will just stop working for no reason at all. When your power socket stopped working, or it started to heat up, the best way to avoid further harm is to call an electrician from DRS Electrical Services to help you with addressing the issue with the power socket.

Take advantage of the services we offer:

  • New power socket installation
  • Troubleshooting or repair of an existing power socket
  • Shifting or relocation of existing power socket on wall, ceiling or floor

Power Socket Services In Sydney

We provide power socket installation in Sydney at an affordable rate. Our electricians are all trained and helpful for residential and commercial properties. They will give you advice on the best approach to get the best out of your power outlets. Call us now to schedule a power socket installation in Sydney.


We are committed to achieving long lasting, quality installations and repairs.

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Our electricians are certified and highly experienced professionals.

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