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Exit and Emergency Lighting Sydney

In Australia, every business, retail store, or apartment buildings should have reliable emergency lights and exit signs for illumination in case of fire or power outage. DRS Electrical Services offers exit and Sydney emergency lighting installation, maintenance, and services.

Our emergency lighting repairs, testing, and installation services cover residential and commercial properties in the area. When there is power outage or fires, the smoke and darkness can be difficult for the occupants to see where the exits are. That is the importance of installing exit and emergency lighting and the reason why it is regularly inspected.

Types of Exit and Emergency Light Installation

DRS Electrical Services can help you decide which among these three types of emergency signs and lighting would be best for your property.

  • Sustained – This emergency lighting system comes with two lamps, but only one bulb works at a time.
  • Non-maintained – It is non-illuminated and is always on charge. The lamp will only illuminate when there is a power outage.
  • Maintained – This type has only one lamp and illuminates continuously and when the power is cut off from the mains.

When it comes to exit and emergency lights installation Sydney, we are well-versed with Australian Standards. Our team will ensure that your system is up to code. We will work with the managers and engineers to suggest the best system and where to place them.

Here are some of the most common locations where the exit signs and lighting units should be installed:

  • Passageways to exit the premises like mezzanine, stairs, garage, etc.
  • Individual steps
  • Stairways and landings
  • Corridors and intersections
  • Direction changes
  • Access points to fire alarms

Exit and Emergency Lighting Inspection and Maintenance

Based on the Australian Standards AS2293, the exit and emergency lighting should stay illuminated for a minimum of 90 minutes. It is also required to have it tested and discharged based on the following periods:

  • Semi-annually or every 6 months
  • Annually

Discharging the batteries every 6 months can prolong the life of the emergency lighting system. The test, on the other hand, will help identify:

  • Dull or blown bulbs
  • Dead batteries
  • Exposed wires
  • Damaged units

Our team makes sure that all lights and battery backups are checked and any problems will be rectified immediately.

Proper Maintenance Save Lives!

Protect your employees and clients, in the event of an emergency with the right exit signs and emergency lights. DRS Electrical Services offers installation and full maintenance service where all the units are tested, repaired, or replaced on location, if necessary.

We strongly advise proper maintenance and inspection of the exit and emergency lighting system. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.


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