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The electrical system in your business establishment or home is an important investment. You likely spent a lot of money just to have this system installed. This is the reason why you’ll often feel stressed the moment you notice your electrical system in Kensington isn’t working. If you are troubled by an electrical problem and are looking for a master electrician Kensington? Don’t fret – DRS Electrical Services is here to help. We have been providing the best electrical repair services in Kensington for years. This alone proves our track record in the industry.

We, at DRS Electrical Services, only employ local electricians who are trained and experienced for the job. We highly believe that local electricians have a better understanding of common electrical problems and necessary solutions experienced by the locals in Kensington.

All of our electricians have the necessary skills and equipment to handle these services:

  • Switchboard repairs: Your switchboards play a significant role in your electrical system. Using a damaged switchboard will not only impair your electrical system; it can also increase your chances of experiencing accidents and injuries. If you notice that your switchboard is damaged or does not work as efficiently as before, call us, and we’ll respond to your location as soon as possible. We will check your switchboard and repair it fast.
  • Power outlet installation: Any infrastructure will be useless without any power outlets. How can you become productive at work if you can’t use any computer? How can your home become functional if your appliances won’t work? If you need additional power outlets in your business or home, call us, and we’ll be ready to help. Our electricians have the skills and tools to install power outlets fast.

When you let the pros handle the job, you can have the assurance that your place of work or residence becomes functional and useful.

  • Light installation: Your lighting fixtures are vital to your productivity. It’ll be easy to function and move around at work or home if you have lights on.

If you want to install more lights in your business or home, let us know, and we’ll respond to your needs as soon as possible. We will make sure that any infrastructure – regardless if it’s for commercial or residential use – is well-lit.

  • Emergency Electrician Kensington: No one can predict when electrical emergencies will happen. You can experience broken light switches or dimming lights whenever. For any emergency electrical problems, we, at DRS Electrical Services, can also help.

Our Electrician Kensington are skilled and well-equipped to fix any type of emergency electrical problem. By working with us, you can guarantee that your electrical system will work again, just like new!


We are committed to achieving long lasting, quality installations and repairs.

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