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Choosing the Right Residential Electrician
March 9, 2020

Knowing how to choose the right residential electrician can be a frustrating experience, you’re likely to see a long list in your Google search most of which are paid advertisements so how do you really know which one is the local electrician to handle your job efficiently, safely and up to the highest quality standards? Scroll straight to DRS Electrical Services and know you are getting the best residential electrician in Sydney. Our presence online is a reflection of our presence in the community and our ability to complete projects that show a high level of craftmanship.

Ask these questions when looking for the right person to complete your job;

Check how many years they’ve been an electrical contractor near you – This isn’t to say that new electricians are bad, but rather not as experienced as you would require on a job of your size, sometimes it’s not just about cutting some wiring or changing a bulb but needing an electrician that has moved with technical innovations who has the ability to plan and design with you, this only comes with experience.

Do they have the relevant licenses – Without a licensed electrician you risk not only your safety but any financial impact around insurance. Insurance companies will not budge on any issue that hasn’t been maintained according to their policies and it should never be assumed an electrician in one state is automatically a licensed electrician in another state. DRS Electrical have been a preferred retail electrician in New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory which speaks volumes when a local could have been used but because DRS Electrical Services is reputable and reliable made them the preferred contractor.

Make sure you are comfortable with them – As well as knowing if they are familiar with your kind of job, you should assess how comfortable you feel with your electrician. You can do that from your first contact with them; are they polite on the phone, do they arrive for meetings at the scheduled time, do they ask lots of questions about your electrical project? Some electrical jobs can be expensive and time consuming and being able to maintain good communication throughout the job is essential. You don’t have to become best friends, but you should be able to have a professional relationship – you must feel comfortable speaking openly about any concerns so you can resolve together.


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